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Launching opening day of baseball season 2017, Extreme Engineering’s Fly Wire™ Zipline will be featured in the highly anticipated SunTrust Park, Atlanta’s state of the art Major League Baseball stadium and the new home to the Atlanta Braves.

Currently under construction within the private mixed-use development coined “Battery Atlanta”, SunTrust Park will be a year-round one of a kind sports and entertainment venue featuring the Atlanta Braves and a shopping and entertainment district. In an effort to target and support the family demographic, which is a significant portion of the Atlanta Braves audience, the “Best Major Theme Park Ride” award recipient Fly Wire™ Zipline will be highlighted to entice parents, children and thrill seekers to get a bird’s eye view of the new and modern stadium through zip-lining across the sky on 300 feet of wire.

At this time, design and location elements within the park are in development, but the current plan is to have the zipline located behind the ballpark’s video board to take participants from one side of the concourse to the other, allowing participants to soar bravely above the baseball fans and will give a whole new meaning to crowd surfing.

Offering unparalleled “quick cycle times” to serve up to 90 riders an hour, attendees will spend less time waiting in lines and more time rocketing through SunTrust Park on a fast paced thrill ride. With speeds reaching up to 21 MPH, the Fly Wire™ is the only zipline of its kind using the safest decelerator on the market, the Decelinator™, which is a proprietary device that fully lowers zip-liners safely to the ground so riders can soar through the air with confidence.  There is no other zipline product in the world that can compete with the Fly Wire’s™ completely controlled method of keeping zip-liners safely off the ground.

Jeff Wilson, CEO of Extreme Engineering states, “The creativity and ingenuity behind incorporating our Fly Wire™ Zipline within SunTrust Park’s design allows our customers to experience our award winning product during one of America’s favorite pastimes. Just imagine participating in the seventh inning stretch from 30 feet in the air, weightless and soaring, while getting the best view in the house.”



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