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We Break Records

Extreme Engineering is the first company in amusement history to earn the unprecedented honor of achieving "Best New Product" 5 years in a row and 11 amusement industry awards.

Roller Coasters, Ziplines, Mobile Rock Climbing Walls, Stationary Rock Climbing Walls, Extreme Airs and Theme Park Rides

The original inventors of the mobile rock climbing walls and auto-belay systems, Extreme Engineering has been globally recognized as a leading, award winning manufacturer of premier family-friendly thrill rides, roller coasters,  ziplines, mobile rock climbing walls and Extreme Airs are just some of the award winning products Extreme Engineering manufactures.  Extreme Engineering offers exciting products that transform your guests into thrill-seekers making them experience, live and breathe adventure!  Choose from a wide variety of roller coasters,  High-Action Adventures, ziplines, stationary rock climbing walls, mobile rock climbing walls, jumper systems and other exciting entertainment products.