Sierra Panel System

Fully customize your climbing experience!

Modularity Is Great

The world is your summit.

Stationary Climbing Wall, Rock Climbing Wall, Climbing Wall by Extreme Engineering

You customize your adventure
Choose your challenge, choose your route.

Let freedom ring with Extreme Engineering’s Sierra Panel System, a modular climbing wall design.  Designed to provide complete customization in your climbing wall project, the world is your oyster with this system designed for unique installation sites.

The sky is the limit with this modular design perfect for indoor rock climbing, recreation and military training facilities, entertainment centers, fitness centers and even sporting complexes.  The Sierra Panel System comes in 4 foot by 4 foot sections, the design combinations are endless!

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Opportunity & Value

Extreme Engineering’s climbing walls are specifically designed to increase your business’ revenue and exposure.  We offer many stationary configurations to choose from, designed to specifically cater your business and make your climbing experience fun, profitable, safe and easy to operate!

  • The 4 x 4 panel design makes the configurations endless.
  • Insurance is typically the same price as an auto policy.
  • Sierra Panel System is perfect for unique installations, such as corner installs or very wide, indoor structures.
  • Molded off real rock to provide maximum texture and the finest visual impact.

Stationary Climbing Wall, Rock Climbing Wall, Climbing Wall by Extreme Engineering

Our products rock with real results.
Have been using your products for years and still going strong. Great Products, Great Service. Keep up the good work!!
- Space Walk of Panama City

Market Value

The entertainment industry is a booming market, which has grown on average by 10% every year, for the past 15 years. Extreme Engineering has over 5,000 successful customers in the largest, most stable market in the economy, and we invite you to join us.

Our climbing walls enhance entertainment centers, fitness facilities, malls, zoos, waterparks, resorts and schools and provide success to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Features & Benefits

Set up & Operation

  • The modular design great for top roping, enhancing rope courses and teaching climbing wall safety.
  • Each configuration is designed to provide fast cycle times and a challenging climbing experience.
  • Depending on the configuration, this modular climbing wall can operate 100’s of participants an hour.


Our data shows that the most common demographics you will attract will be children and millennials.

Sierra Panel System Product Details

  • Each climbing wall panel is 4 foot x 4 foot in size.
  • Panels are created from various layers of chemically resistant, glass reinforced polyester resin for texture.
  • All Extreme Engineering climbing walls come equipped with Extreme Engineering’s patented Auto-belay systems, the only fully redundant system on the market, which makes our product the safest climbing device available. Our Auto-belay has been awarded “Best Technology Applied” to an amusement device at IAAPA.
  • Climbing holds, climbing Speed Harnesses and additional equipment necessary for operation come standard.
  • Designed by engineers with aeronautical backgrounds, all of Extreme Engineering’s climbing walls use only the best materials available in the production process, and are built to be extremely strong and lightweight.