Monolith Mobile Climbing Walls

The king of mobile climbing walls.

The King Of Mobile Climbing Walls

Take a slab of granite with you.

The king of the mobile climbers, the Monolith has over 500 square feet of climbing area, various overhangs, five distinct climbing routes and accommodating up to 100 participants an hour, it’s time to bow down to our royal leader.

Only the extreme may challenge the Monolith Mobile 5 Climber, our biggest and most serious profit-earning machine that is designed for the pure rock climbing enthusiast. If 26 feet isn’t extreme enough, we also offer the Monolith Mobile Climbing up to 35 feet tall, bringing you closer to Mt. Everest.

Designed with a slab of granite you would expect to find at Yosemite National Park, the climbing surface is modeled with a realistic granite texture and wall features that allow participants to climb the rock surface without having to be experienced to take on Half Dome or El Cap.

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Opportunity & Value

Five distinct climbing routes, high quality materials used throughout and designed with innovation and ease of operation in mind, the Monolith Mobile 5 Climber is our biggest and baddest model.

  • Typical earnings are as high as $1,800 a day.
  • Own this product for as little as $800 a month.
  • Insurance is typically the same price as an auto policy.
  • Own a complete business opportunity for under $40,000 and pay the product off in as little as 6 months.

Have fun, Make Money!  Fun can be your business!


Rock with real results!
The mobile climbing wall has been the center of our business. Without Extreme Engineering's mobile climbing wall, we would not have a business at all. We love Extreme Engineering's products and their customer service.
- Adventure Recreation

Market Potential

The entertainment industry is a booming 100 billion dollar market, which has grown on average by 10% every year, for the past 15 years. Extreme Engineering has over 5,000 successful customers in the largest, most stable market in the economy, and we invite you to join us.

Our climbing walls provide a unique team-building experience, enhance entertainment based facilities and provide success to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Features & Benefits

Set up & Operation

Designed by engineers with aeronautical backgrounds, all of Extreme Engineering’s mobile climbing walls use only the best materials available in the production process, and are built to be extremely strong and lightweight.

  • Set up the climbing wall in just 15 minutes.
  • Climb up to 100 participants every hour.


Our data shows that the most common demographics you will attract at events will be children and millennials.

Extreme Engineering mobile climbing walls are perfect for corporate events, malls, fairs, farmer’s markets, zoos, waterparks, resorts, schools and anywhere you can fit a mobile climbing wall.

Monolith Mobile Climbing Wall™ Product Details

  • 26 feet (7.9 meters tall).  Optional 35 feet tall is available (10.7 meters tall).
  • 500 square feet of climbing area.
  • Five distinct climbing routes.
  • Patented Space Saver trailer design included to minimize the footprint needed for operation and also lightens the trailer system from unnecessary weight.
  • Wall surface is hand sculpted from fiberglass composite to look and feel like real rock.
  • Engineered, designed and built in the United States. All Extreme Engineering patented mobile climbing walls meet or exceed ASTM, CE or other climbing wall standards. We offer the safest climbing experience on the market.
  • All Extreme Engineering mobile climbing walls come equipped with Extreme Engineering’s patented Auto-Belay systems, the only fully redundant system on the market, which makes our product the safest climbing device available.  Our Auto-Belay has been awarded “Best Technology Applied” to an amusement device at IAAPA.
  • The Monolith Mobile Climbing Wall is compatible with an Extreme Air upgrade, turning the mobile climbing wall into a complete combo unit.
  • The Monolith Mobile Climbing Wall is a perfect portable and functional billboard. Extreme Engineering’s unique banner kits give operators the opportunity to generate creative, advertising revenue throughout the product.