Mobile Climbing Walls

We have been rocking the world since 1995.  Bring the most popular, patented mobile rock wall to your event today. Our company’s very first invention and most popular product gave our company the foundation to rock for over 22 years.

Designed as a unique and profitable business opportunity, Extreme Engineering’s mobile rock climbing walls are used for entertainment, team-building exercises, recruiting tools, exciting promotional billboards and are a signature product for any party rental business. Using only the best materials available, all of our patented mobile climbing walls are built to be extremely strong and lightweight, so you can roll wherever you’d like to go.

Make up to thousands per day with Extreme Engineering’s safe, exciting and lucrative mobile climbing walls.  Need a unique edge on your promotions?  Extreme Engineering’s mobile rock climbing walls are the perfect mobile marketing tool. Our walls provide a unique team-building experience, enhance entertainment driven facilities and provide success to entrepreneurs worldwide.

We provide the engineering geek, marketing sleek and business sales success all in one!

Our products are designed by a team of the most talented aeronautical and mechanical engineers, business professionals, and marketing gurus in the world. All of Extreme Engineering’s climbing walls use only the best materials available in the production process, and are built to be extremely strong and lightweight.

Every climbing wall comes with the most reliable features on the market:

  • All mobile climbing walls exceed ASTM, CE and other industry safety standards
  • Auto-belay system features the only fully redundant system on the market

Our products are the safest climbing devices available. Plus, Extreme Engineering’s innovative, patented Space Saver trailer minimizes the footprint needed for operation and also lightens the trailer system from unnecessary weight.

Portable Climbing Wall, Mobile Climbing Wall, Climbing Wall by Extreme Engineering

Element Mobile Climbing Wall

Looks. Personality. This climber has it all.  This mobile climbing wall is recognized as the most realistic surface on the market.  With museum quality dinosaur fossils, features molded from real rock and hand painted to perfection, you are taking a piece of Earth with you! Available as a 3 or 4 person climbing wall, the Element Mobile Climbing Wall is by far the best choice if you are looking for a standalone product.

Element Mobile Climbing Wall

Monolith Mobile Climbing Wall

The king of the mobile climbers, the Monolith has over 500 square feet of climbing area, severaloverhangs, five distinct climbing routes and accommodates up to 100 participants an hour, it’s time to bow down to our royal leader.

Monolith Mobile Climbing Wall