You have already made the right choice. Through purchasing an Extreme Engineering Climbing Wall, you’ve locked in a money making machine with crowd appeal and potential for years of sustained growth for your stand alone or existing business. You understand that the entertainment industry is a booming 100 billion dollar market which has grown on average by 10% every year for the past 15 years with no signs of stopping. There’s absolutely zero buyer’s remorse happening. Now how do you maximize the return on investment (ROI) and make the most out of your ingenious purchase? Make your mark in the industry and grow your business by getting your Climbing Wall in front of the masses and become the dominating force in adventure and entertainment in your area. You’ve got the tools, now here are some marketing tips to help get customers lining up!

Get Social!

Increase your reach, establish your brand and make professional connections fast, cheap and easily by jumping on the growing digital landscape of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Save valuable time and resources by advertising your Climbing Wall via these free mediums before, during and after each event. You have an electrifying, state of the art, camera-ready product – show it off by including pictures of climbers having the time of their lives to entice those not included in the fun to jump on the bandwagon and hire you. A little effort can go a long way, so make sure to nurture your social presence with consistent posts and customer testimonials and interaction to help put a voice and a face to your company.

Get Local!

Some simple grassroots networking efforts can earn some serious returns. Start at the local level and join your area Chamber of Commerce and ask to be a part of their next monthly meeting to present your stellar product. You’ll find a room chocked full of local business decision makers looking for team-building exercises, recruiting tools and exciting promotional billboards to help cultivate their company internally and grow their business – the perfect opportunity for a Climbing Wall event. Your local Chamber also likely creates a calendar where you can find schedules for fairs, large and small scale community events, business grand openings and anniversaries and a variety of perfect opportunities to get your product in front of the masses. Once you’ve dominated the local scene, take the show on the road. Your product is extremely strong, lightweight and most importantly mobile, so take on some nearby cities with the same grassroots principals.

Get Partnered Up!

Cross Marketing with businesses in your area can extend the reach of your Climbing Wall business by tapping into another company’s already established client base. Partner up with a non-competing business in your area and offer to promote their services in exchange for promotion of your Climbing Wall. The possibilities are far and wide – set up joint contests, display advertisements for each other, share partner social media posts, co-brand advertisements, offer loyal customer discounts – basically anything that puts your Climbing Wall in front of another company’s customers can help earn trust and gain attention towards your product. So find a company that you trust to reciprocate the promotion of your Climbing Wall business and start brainstorming!

At Extreme Engineering, we’re here to help you get the most out of your product for years of happy owners and customers. In so many ways, this product sells itself but for the best return on investment, create a network of business owners and decision makers to keep a consistent flow of business coming your way helpful hints. Call us today to discuss these tips for getting your Climbing Wall in front of the masses.

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