Calypso Cay

Starting May 2016, Calypso Cay Resort in Florida will offer guests the ultimate stay and play experience with a suite of Extreme Engineering’s High Action Adventure products, including a Zipline, Extreme Air Jumper, Rope Quest and Balloon Battles.

Offering unparalleled value-added amenities, guests can conveniently enjoy thrilling adventure products without having to travel outside of the resort. Vacationers can glide down a 300 foot zipline, soar up to 25 feet on a Extreme Air Jumper, challenge themselves on a custom ropes course and launch water balloons in an ultimate battle for hours of fun, family friendly entertainment.

Offering a fresh, unique approach, all products within the High Action Adventure line will be mobile within the Resort, allowing the flexibility for relocation around the property and reconfiguring the adventure experience at any time.

To compliment the Resort’s tranquil and tropical ambiance, Extreme Engineering and Calypso Cay Resort collaborated on a custom themed, bright and vibrant Caribbean color scheme for each of the products, fully integrating the adventure into the resort’s oasis vibe.

Jeff Wilson, CEO of Extreme Engineering states, “We are thrilled to bring Calypso Cay Resort’s vision to reality to create an ultimate resort experience with a High Action Adventure product line. Every product is customized and themed to allow their creativity to shine while their guests write their own adventure.”

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