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The world’s only cart-less, zipline roller coaster  on the market, The Cloud Coaster™, will be featured at Rockin’ Jump’s Dublin, California location staring July 2016.  Rockin’ Jump will be celebrating their 5th year anniversary at the first location that started it all.  With 83 pending franchises opening over the next two years, Rockin’ Jump is one of the fastest growing trampoline franchises in the industry.  The Cloud Coaster™ at Rockin’ Jump will be the first in California and currently the first in any indoor trampoline facility.

Dublin Rockin Jump Cloud Coaster       Dublin Rockin Jump Climbing Walls

This part flying and part zipline roller coaster allows thrill seekers to experience the future in family friendly attractions.  Cloud Coaster™ riders will enjoy a speed controlled steel track adventure that will give them the triple sensation of flying, zip-lining and rocketing down a roller coaster with smooth turns, uphill racing and zipping around structures. The Cloud Coaster™ also holds the esteemed title of being the only cart-less coaster on the market using conveyor belts or linear motor technology. This exclusive function allows riders to be pulled up a track on motors to zip up hills or steep terrain for a truly unique ride. This streamlined approach ensures riders experience minimal G-forces, making the ride smooth, exhilarating and available to almost all ages.

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The family owned and operated Rockin’ Jump has gone through major product expansions, transforming into a complete thrill park.  Some of these attractions include the Cloud Coaster™, trampolines, rock climbing, foam pits, adventure products and more.  Rockin’ Jump expects to have over 130 parks in the U.S. by 2020 with several Cloud Coasters™ at future locations.

Phil Wilson, EVP of Sales and Marketing states, “It was an easy decision for our company to partner with Rockin’ Jump.  With our award winning roller coaster and their recognition as leaders in the trampoline market, we knew this was a great recipe towards success. Also Rockin’ Jump’s leading role in safety with ASTM has made them a real contender in the industry.”

The Cloud Coaster™ enhances entertainment facilities, providing a roller coaster in almost any location that historically wasn’t possible. Perfect for parents to ride with their children, this is truly an experience to be shared. Join forces this summer and take a journey on the world’s only, cart-less coaster at the Dublin Rockin’ Jump trampoline center.


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