Balloon Battles H20

It's full on water warfare.

Balloon Battles

Opportunity & Value

The fun is universal with Balloon Battles H2O, allowing anyone from four to 104 years of age to participate. With mobile & stationary models available, this is a perfect family friendly attraction. Because of the excitement and pure rush of fun this product creates, spectators will quickly line up to become participants. With low staffing, insurance and maintenance costs, this is a profitable powerhouse offering owners a quick ROI and high earnings.

Our Products Work and Our Success Stories are Real

“What a wonderful product and a thrilling way to get wet! This attraction has been a fantastic addition to our product line.” - Inflatable Adventures

Balloon Battles Product Details

  • Balloon Battles H2O is the future in water play attractions.
  • This product meets ASTM and other industry safety standards.
  • The barrel cannons can shoot up to 35 feet, allowing for large scale venues and a high volume of crowd exposure.
  • The balloons are environmentally friendly with biodegradable materials, making clean up safe.

Product Specification Sheets