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Rope Quest

The Ultimate Journey.

Where will your adventure take you?

Join us on a quest through distant lands and challenge your foes on the Rope Quest.

Breech the castle gates, squeeze through the lair of webs, explore new lands and slide your way to victory on the award winning adventure product.  Take on the ultimate challenge of the Rope Quest, an interactive rope-course structure that allows children and heroes to explore, crawl, climb and slide in absolute safety. Overcome six levels in the twisted net system, compete with your friends, conquer challenges and for your grand finale, launch down a 30 foot inflatable slide!  Mobile and stationary models available.


Explore Rope Quest

Opportunity & Value


Extreme Engineering’s Rope Quest is one of the most profitable products in the entertainment industry, and is the safest designed rope course element on the market, requiring no safety harnesses during use.

The thrill of an interactive climbing structure without the use of climbing harnesses or staffing stationed on high platforms, the Rope Quest can achieve high cycle times, profits and excitement that our competition can’t compete with. The Rope Quest is a great choice if you are looking for a standalone product for your new business venture or are looking to incorporate an innovative rope-course element into an existing business.

  • The Rope Quest comes is available in either a mobile or stationary configuration.
  • The mobile Rope Quest provides a complete setup in 20 minutes or less.
  • Fast cycle times with up to 12 participants every 10 minutes, providing a maximum return on
  • Requires no safety gear, harnesses or additional staff to operate.
  • Comes complete with a patented, high quality trailer system.
  • With just a single operator required, the Rope Quest puts more profit into your wallet.

Product Value

  • Typical earnings are as high as $2,000 a day or $600 per hour – generate as much as $4,000 in a weekend.
  • Own this product for as little as $800 a month, and pay the product off in as little as 6 months.
  • Insurance is typically the same price as an auto policy.

Rope Quest, Spider Climb, Spider Zone, Rope Course by Extreme Engineering


The quest to success!
Cool products, extraordinary quality!
- Hector Andres Salvatori

Market Potential

With rope and challenge courses starting to capture the market, Extreme Engineering’s Mobile Spider Climb is the perfect business opportunity to fit with today’s market trends. The Mobile Spider Climb, now known as Rope Quest, was chosen over thousands of other business opportunities as the 2007 “Best New Product” by leading industry organizations.

An Extreme Engineering Rope Quest is perfect for corporate events, military recruiting, malls, fairs, farmer’s markets, marketing and promotions, zoos, water parks and schools.

Features & Benefits

Set up & Operation

Each mobile version comes with Extreme Engineering’s patented Space Saver Trailer to minimizing the amount of space required during operation. These trailers are fuel efficient, used worldwide and meet all industry standards.


Extreme Engineering’s Rope Quest is perfect for all ages, and our reported data shows that the most common demographics you will attract at events will be children between the ages of 4-16.

Rope Quest, Spider Climb, Spider Zone, Rope Course by Extreme Engineering

Rope Quest Product Details

  • The Rope Quest is engineered, designed and built in the United States and exceeds all industry standards.
  • Innovative 30 foot inflatable slide.
  • Extreme Engineering’s fastest cycle time product available.
  • Spring loaded technology makes the Rope Quest the safest climbing structure on the market. Patent pending spring-load design uses UV stable vinyl straps with spring-load tension to minimize tearing, snapping and/or injuries caused by elastic straps.
  • Programming and additional games can be included providing endless possibilities for education, team-building and thrill seeking clients.
  • Offers massive banner opportunities along the sides of the tower, providing a unique advertising opportunity.