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Rapid Gravity Ride

Look down on the earth below you as you defy gravity.

Are you ready to challenge the laws of gravitational force?

What goes up must launch, drop, twist and turn before it comes down.

The superstaRapid-Gravity-Ride-Extreme-Engineeringr Rapid Gravity Ride breaks barriers through gravity and speed, and dares thrill seekers to test the force of attraction between their body and the earth. Challenge Newton’s law of universal gravitation as you look down on the world below you from a giant look-out tower. Break free from traditional rides as you twist and turn on a roller coaster, feel your heart in your throat during a free fall leap of faith, conquer a rock wall and then prepare for take-off on a rocket launcher.  Theme park enthusiasts of all ages will bow down to this massive experience and beg for more once their feet are back on the earth.

Designed to enhance the thrills at theme parks and resorts, the Rapid Gravity Ride™ can generate serious revenue or add extreme value to your already stellar amenities. Our award winning products are engineered to offer the very best in quality and safety, exceed industry standards, require minimal staffing, are fun for all ages and provide a risk-free endorphin rush. Extreme thrills come standard and redefining theme park rides are included.

A scale model of this product will make its debut at the November 2014 IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Conference. This product is ready for order with production ready, installed options in 2015.

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We Break Records

Extreme Engineering is the first company in amusement history to earn the unprecedented honor of achieving "Best New Product" 5 years in a row and 8 consecutive industry awards from the official amusement industry leader, IAAPA.

We work globally with over 5,000 clients

With a client list ranging from NASA to Disney to ESPN, Extreme Engineering is world renowned for its inventive and exhilarating adventure products for entertainment enthusiasts on an international level.

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