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High Action Adventure

Give your guests an extreme vacation.

Transform into a thrill-seeker

Leave the 9-5 behind…you’re on vacation.

Transform your guests into thrill-seekers by offering zip lining, air jumping, challenge courses and rock climbing – all in the comfort of your resort or theme park. Designed to both attract new, youthful timeshare buyers and theme-park goers, the High Action Adventure can generate serious revenue as an additional attraction or added value piece to your already stellar amenities. The High Action Adventure area can be scaled and custom themed to fit into any environment, and is a perfect sales solution to enhance the stay-to-play experience.

Empower your sales team by arming them with amenities unparalleled to competing resorts. Capture the attention of prospective customers by giving them a reason to spend more time on property and start their adventure.

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Combine multiple products such as the Fly Wire Zipline, Extreme Air, Rope Quest and Stationary Climbing Walls.

Potential Profit

With low cost of ownership and quick cycle times, Extreme Engineering products are designed to enhance your property and generate serious cash flow.

High-Action Adventures Up to 300 Riders $20 – $30
Fly Wire Zip Line Up to 90 Riders $10 – $15
Rope Quest Up to 90 Riders $6 – $8
Extreme Air Up to 120 Riders $4 – $6
Mobile Climbing Walls Up to 100 Riders $5 – $7
Stationary Climbing Walls Up to 150 Riders $5 – $7

*Typical profit numbers on each product *Profit potentials can vary depending on product mix and size of High-Action Adventure. This spreadsheet demonstrates what our products have earned with current clients throughout the U.S. Please use these numbers as a reference of potential earnings.

High-Action-Adventures-Extreme-Engineering-4    High-Action-Adventures-Extreme-Engineering-2    High-Action-Adventures-Extreme-Engineering-1

Theming & Design Let’s Co-Create!  Our in-house theming experts provide world-class solutions to fit into any environment. From rendering to reality, allow your creativity to shine while creating the adventure of your dreams. From start to finish, we help you design a unique, fun experience to provide your guests a vacation to remember.

High Action Adventures: Mobile Solutions

Going mobile has many advantages and can benefit your specific business needs.

  • Quick set up times.
  • Easy relocation around a resort property or to other resort destinations to eliminate installation expenses.
  • Mobility allows you to have the flexibility of reconfiguring your adventure experience at any time.
  • Utilization as a promotional tool.

Portable Climbing Wall, Mobile Climbing Wall, Climbing Wall by Extreme Engineering

Since the invention of the first, patented mobile rock-climbing wall in 1995, Extreme Engineering has the most experience in engineering and design of the best, mobile adventure equipment in the world. All of Extreme Engineering’s mobile products have won Best New Product awards and are built from the highest quality materials available. Every product we design exceeds ASTM, CE and other industry safety standards, require minimal staffing, are fun for all ages and provide a risk-free endorphin rush.