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Winner of Best Major Theme Park Ride!

This is your amusement Zip Line solution.  Less staff, fast cycle times and more fun! 

The Fly Wire™ Zip Line is the recent winner of Best Major Theme Park Ride at IAAPA!  Zip into profit with the Fly Wire™ Zip Line.  The Fly Wire™ was also awarded for technology.  Thrill seekers of all ages will be lining up to experience the ultimate rush of zip-lining across the sky up to 300 feet (almost a football field length) with 2 people at the same time up to 21 MPH!  The new Fly Wire™ (previously known as the Zippin Zone) is a Zip Line solution for the amusement and resort industries looking for quick cycle times and low staffing.  No other Zip Line product in the world can compete with the Fly Wire™ quick cycle times up to 90 people an hour, ease of setup and a completely controlled method of keeping zip-liners safely off the ground. 

The Fly Wire™ Zip Line uses the safest decelerator on the market, the Decelinator™, a proprietary device that fully lowers zip-liners safely to the ground.  The hydraulically activated Decelinator™ raises up in the air, keeping participants safely off the ground while descending to the end of the Zip Line ride.  Once the Zip Line trolley eases into a “Power Pack”, the participant then is hydraulically lowered to the ground.  The Decelinator™ also controls Zip Line tower exit doors, preventing them from opening until the Zip Line is ready for operation. 

Tension gauges on the Decelinator™ are easily visible showing the Zip Line cords are tight and secure during every Zip Line ride.  What an engineering marvel!  The machine does all the work with redundancies throughout the design, keeping participants 100% safe at all times.

Fly Wire™ Zip Line Features Overview

  • Makes you $$$ - charge a premium price with the fastest cycle times on the market.

  • Advanced - uses engineered technology that resolves the number one issue in zip-lining, keeping participants safely off the ground at all times.  With redundancies throughout the product, this Zip Line is designed specifically for the amusement industry in need of fast cycle times and a safe method of descent.  

  • Safe - the Fly Wire™ Zip Line's Decelinator™ keeps tension on the zip cords, keep zip-liners safely up in the air, safely lowers zip-liners to the ground at the end of the ride and controls safety doors on Zip Line towers.  What an amazing, engineered marvel! 

  • Easy to Use - sets up in minutes, allowing you to turn a profit fast.

  • Beauty and Brains - the Zip Line grabs customers' attention with incredible fit and finish.  This Zip Line screams attention.  The colorful platform, precision components and engineered details make the Fly Wire™ the most beautiful Zip Line on the market.  Themeing is also available.

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  • Mobile Zip Line
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  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-set-up
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  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-children-in-air
  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-outdoor-riders
  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-adult-hanging
  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-framework
  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-frame
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  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-equipment-mobile
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  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-single-adult-gliding
  • fly-wire-zip-line-zip-lines-two-kids-gliding
  • fly-wire-zip-line-transportation-equipment
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Become a Zipologist!

The award winning Fly Wire™, winner of best technology applied for 2013 by IAAPA, attracts thrill seekers of all ages and is perfect for premier events. Use the spiral staircase to get to the top of a 34 foot zip line tower, zip two people at the same time on two lines. The mobile zip line configuration is the safest and fastest in the world, requiring no additional anchoring or attachments (don't tie up to your towing vehicle) and less operators than other mobile zip lines. To set-up, just raise the zip line tower, drop the Decelinator™ and become a zipologist!  This is the amusement industry's zip line solution! 

Some of our stationary configurations can operate up to 240 participants an hour*.  The Fly Wire™ is ideal for businesses looking to offer interactive, outdoor adventure that can support large traffic, give fast cycle times and make you serious profit.  Our zip line is great for all ages!  Zip lines are becoming the trend setter in today's entertainment industry. 

We resolve the three most important issues with zip lines, safety, fast cycle times and less staff.  We also address the themeing needs for amusement parkts.  The Fly Wire™ can be used at any major event, family entertainment centers, waterparks, ski resorts, colleges, zoos, resorts, or theme parks. 

*Figures are based off stationary Fly Wire's™ with more than 2 lines.  Optional zip line lengths on both mobile
and stationary are available. 

Zip up to 300 feet while 28 feet in the air with the latest themed, stationary and mobile zip line solution. The Fly Wire™ zip line caters to a wide range of age groups and supports high traffic use (operators can expect up to 90 participants an hour!).  No one can compete with the Fly Wire's™ fast cycle times.  The infinitely adjustable system can range from 100 to 300 feet long on all mobile versions.

  • The Fly Wire™ Zip line uses the safest, proprietary decelerator on the market.  Our Decelinator™, awarded best technology applied by the amusement industry for 2013, has been used by NASA, the US Military and entertainment centers worldwide.
  • The Power Packs use a spring-load technology, similar to aircraft carriers, to slow down fighter jets.  Patents and Patents Pending. 
  • Extreme Engineering is a leader in safety and the inventor of the Decelinator™, which is specifically designed to slow down the zip liner without sacrificing the length of the zipline.  You slow down at the very end of the ride, not at the beginning like other zip line systems.  The Decelinator™ keeps the zip liners off of the ground at all times, preventing injuries from hitting the ground or a landing platform.     
  • Zip line from 100 to 300 feet with no additional anchoring or attachments with our mobile zip line configuration.  Zip line up to 400 feet on our stationary models.
  • Allow 2 zip liners at the same time!
  • Package you new mobile zip line with a mobile climbing wall or an Extreme Air Jumper for the full extreme experience!
  • All of our mobile zip lines use Extreme Engineering's patented trailer technology, which allows you to set up your Fly Wire™ Zip Line and Decelinator™ quickly. 
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to walk you through the safe set up and operation of your new Fly Wire™ Zip Line.


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