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Mobile Fly Wire Zipline

Awarded Best Major Theme Park Ride at IAAPA.

Channel Your Inner Superhero

Zipline at serious speeds on the
awarded Best Major Theme Park Ride.

The award winning mobile Fly Wire zipline provides thrill seekers the ultimate rush of zip-lining across the sky up to 300 feet – the length of an entire football field on our mobile version.  Most portable ziplines on the market have a kryptonite of startling, uncomfortable decelerators. The Fly Wire is the only zipline of its kind using the safest decelerator on the market, the Decelinator, a proprietary device that fully lowers zip-liners and everyday superheroes safely to the ground.  It’s basically the Terminator™ of stopping devices. Offering unparalleled quick cycle times to serve up to 90 riders an hour, there is no other zipline product in the world that can compete with the Fly Wire’s, ease of setup and completely controlled method of keeping zip-liners and superheroes soaring with confidence.

Explore Mobile Fly Wire Zipline

Opportunity & Value

Over 10 years ago Extreme Engineering introduced the first portable zipline. Today the mobile Fly Wire zipline has gained international traction and notoriety as the “ Best Major Theme Park Ride” – one of the highest industry honors – for its brilliant design and savvy configuration of the Decelinator, the safest decelerator on the market.

Ease of setup, half the operators, infinitely adjustable and no additional anchoring or attachments, the mobile Fly Wire zipline is the safest, most thrilling choice on the market for adventure enthusiasts.

Product Value

  • There is no other zipline product in the world that can compete with the Fly Wire’s ease of setup, allowing you to turn a profit fast.
  • The fastest cycle times on the market to serve up to 90 riders an hour.
  • Fewer operators required than other competitive mobile ziplines.
  • Designed specifically for the resort and amusement industries understanding the value of fast cycle times and a safe method of descent.
  • Grabs customers’ attention with incredible fit and finish. The colorful platform, precision components and engineered details make the Fly Wire the most enticing zipline on the market.
  • Package the mobile zipline with a mobile climbing wall or an Extreme Air Jumper for the full extreme experience.
Zip towards success!
Everyone loved the Fly Wire Zipline this past spring! It's fun, it's exciting, it's something different that almost anyone can do...our guests are already asking when they'll be able to go flying again at the zoo.
- Phoenix Zoo

Market Potential

The mobile zipline is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to offer interactive, outdoor adventure that can support large traffic, give fast cycle times and make a serious profit.

The mobile zipline can be used at any major event, theme parks, resorts, waterparks, zoos, entertainment facilities or ski resorts.

Features & Benefits

Set up & Operation

All of our mobile ziplines use Extreme Engineering’s patented trailer technology, which allows set up of the Fly Wire zipline and Decelinator quickly.

A spiral staircase leads to a 34 foot zipline tower which allows two riders at the same time on two lines. The mobile zipline configuration is the safest and fastest in the world, requiring no additional anchoring or attachments. To set-up, simply raise the zipline tower and drop the Decelinator.


The Fly Wire mobile zipline attracts thrill seekers of all ages and is perfect for premier events.

Product Details

  • The infinitely adjustable system can range from 100 to 300 feet (a football field length) with no additional anchoring or attachments with our mobile zipline configuration.
  • Speeds of up to 21 MPH.
  • Accommodates two zip liners at the same time.
  • Choose between a wide range of custom themed options.
  • The Fly Wire zipline uses the safest, proprietary decelerator on the market, The Decelinator.  Awarded best technology applied by the amusement industry for 2013, this product has been used by NASA, the US Military and entertainment centers worldwide. Specifically designed to slow down the zip liner without sacrificing the length of the zip line, riders slow down at the very end of the ride, not at the beginning like other zipline systems.


  • The hydraulically activated and proprietary Decelinator™ raises participants up in the air, keeping riders safely off the ground while descending with ease at the end of the ride. Once the zipline trolley eases into a “Power Pack”, the participant then is hydraulically lowered to the ground. Power Packs use a spring-load technology, similar to aircraft carriers, to slow down fighter jets (patent pending).
  • Controls zipline tower exit safety doors, preventing them from opening until the zipline is ready for operation.
  • Keeps tension on the zip cords, keep riders safely up in the air, then lowering them to the ground at the end of the ride.
  • Prevents injuries from hitting the ground or a landing platform.