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The safest Auto-Belay™ replacement solution!

If you are looking for a machine that can safely replace a manual belayer, then look no further! Extreme Engineering’s patented Auto-Belay™ is the only fully redundant system available today! Used in the Climbing Wall Industry and Awarded "Best Technology Applied" by IAAPA this is the safest Auto-Belay™ system on the market. 

Extreme Engineering's patented and Auto-Belays™ are used by major entertainment companies, the military and climbing gyms worldwide! 

Our patented air-over-oil design allows a safe and controlled descent every time.  The Auto-Belay™ is the only system on the market that can be SELF INSTALLED!  Extreme Engineering invented THE FIRST Auto-Belay™ system 14 years ago and is recognized as the leader in Auto-Belay™ systems specifically designed for the climbing and safety industry.  If you are looking for THE BEST proven system on the market then the Extreme Engineering Auto-Belay™ is the right choice for you.

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Opportunity & Value

The Auto-Belay™ simply takes up the slack when a participant starts to climb up the climbing wall. Once the participant is done climbing, the pressure from the Auto-Belay™ will safely lower the participant slowly to the ground. Extreme Engineering’s Auto-Belay™ systems can be used on climbing structures up to 68 feet (20.73 meters).

Don't be fooled by the competition.  This is the only patented and first Auto-Belay™ system that's been introduced to the general public.  Extreme Engineering is globally known as the pioneers in revolutionizing the climbing experience.  Check out our patent information for details.   

Meets and/or exceeds ASTM, AWS and OHSA standards.

All Auto-Belay™ systems are protected by a zinc coated steel case and come equipped with two pressurized hydraulic rams and internal check valves, ensuring the safety of climbers as they descend. The Auto-Belay™ system includes a galvanized steel cable with marine eyes, swivel, sight tube and safety boot pre-installed. Maintenance is made easy through annual wire rope replacement using date certified cables.

The Auto-Belay™ systems can install on steel and wood treated substructures. Extreme Engineering’s Auto-Belay™ are perfect for rope courses, climbing gyms, fitness centers and search and rescue.

All Extreme Engineering’s patented Auto-Belay™ systems meet or exceed ASTM, CE and other climbing wall standards.

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